Race Truck MkII

This Moc, a Race Truck, was built, in a short time, for the Model Expo Italy 2019. It's relatively simple, and it should be easy to modify.
In this configuration it has 2 BuWizz to control and power it, and 2 Buggy Motors for propulsion, but it's possible to use, in alternative, Classic Battery Box or Li-Po Battery with SBrick or IR receivers. In this way it will be cheaper to built, even if the performance will drop.
I'm testing even a version of the rear axle (fully compatible) with 4 L Motors, since the Buggy Motors are relatively expansive and rare.

Some numbers:

Length: 49,6 cm 62studs
Width: 24,8cm 31studs
Height: 27,2cm 34studs
Weight: 2.7 kg
Total number of parts: about 2600
PF elements:
M motor: 1 (fake Engine)
Buggy Motor: 4 (4L alternative under development)
Servo Motor: 1
BuWizz: 2 (2 Classic or Li-Po Battery Box with SBrick or IR Receiver in alternative)
..and some wire extensions