Race Truck

This is my Race Truck approximately 1:11 scale, built on the Unimog tires, it isn't inspired by anything in particular, it's a merge of some images on the web.

The Truck is RC, driven by 2 Buggy motors with a 3:1 reduction.
It uses to steering the build-in servo motor of the Buggy receiver, and has working steering wheel.
The front axle has independent suspension, the rear is a dragged axle.

In the initial project I foresaw to build something light and fast with the few parts left in my boxes of lego (the red tractor truck is still alive, as well as the prototype of the trailer), but I got carried away and the situation has slipped a bit out of control because I had to fill in the gaps of the bodywork and I had to add some details like the fake V8 engine (moved by a PF M Motor connected to AUX output of the Buggy receiver) with exhaust pipes, silencers and twin-turbo system, cab tilting, openable doors , race type mirrors, some interiors, such as race type seat with 4-point seat belt. So in the end it is not as light as in the forecast, but it takes a good look for me and still has interesting performance.


Height: 33 studs
Width: 31 studs
Length: 61 studs
Weight: 3.3 Kg

Electric Elements:

2 Buggy Motors for Drive
1 Buggy receiver for Steering
1 PF M Motor for the fake V8 engine