Tow Truck MkII

After a while, this is  my new Moc...even if it could be seen as a MOD of my previous Crane Truck, it's in some way a lot different, so here it is, a Tow Truck.
I started building this tow truck about a year ago and it was finished around february, just in time to show it to the MEI 2019, and after a while I'm here to present it.
Obviously it is based on my previous Crane Truck. The cab is almost the same, suspended, tiltable, with pneumatically amortized seats, openable doors and front grid.
Even the chassis is the same, 5 Leds for lights, front independent suspension, rear live axles, 8x4 drive via 4 XL motors, 2 steering axle, but with 3 PF Servo instaed of 2 , the headlights have a new design and rear part has some mods to accomodate the new structure.
The pneumatic system is way simpler, it has only a single small pump since the pneumatic functions are only the amortized seats and cab tilting, and it's moved by an M motor.

The truck is powered by 2 Li-Po Battery, on the chassis, and 1 classic battery box, on the crane, that act also as a counterweight, and is controlled by 4 SBricks.
It has openable and extendable front outriggers, extendable rear outriggers, liftable and deployable lifting arm, all moved by M motors.

The crane  rotate via an M motor, the boom has 2 independent winches, and it can be raised and extended, it use a L motor for each functions.

Now some numbers:
Length: 88 cm 110studs
Width: 24,8cm 31studs, 28cm 35studs with mirrors
Height: 32,8cm 41studs
Weight: 12.5 kg
Total number of parts: estimated 10.000
PF elements:
M motor: 8
L Motor: 4
XL Motor: 4
Servo Motor: 3
Lipo Battery: 2
Classic Battery Box: 1
..and some wire extensions.
Pneumatic Elements:
Small pumps: 1
1x5 Cylinder: 2
Medium Cylinder new: 2
Valve: 1